We specialise in the production of decorative structural elements made from wrought iron. In our work, we try to respect the ways of the old masters, both in design and during the manufacturing process, while at the same time striving to implement modern technologies and materials that they did not have access to. Wrought iron decorative structural elements have a wide range of applications inside and outside of the buildings built in the traditional Dalmatian-style.


We are at you service if you are in need of rehabilitating structures that have historical or sentimental value. Such structures have to be cleaned by blasting and the damaged parts have to be replaced, galvanized and painted.

In this way, we bring the structure back to life to serve for another 100 years or more.

We always apply anti-corrosion protection to the outdoor structure by hot-dip galvanisation and apply paint in accordance with the client’s wishes.

In addition to production, we also sell components and profiles necessary for the production of wrought iron structures. Visit our warehouse and showroom in Solin where you will find everything you need.

Var V.i.t.o.r . salon u Solinu
Salon u Solinu Var V.i.t.o.r.

We supply and distribute the products of the world’s leading producers of wrought iron components. The offer is listed here.