The need for precise workshop drawings that we encountered in our own production process urged us to provide laser measuring services to our clients as well.  In this manner we have speeded up the production process, reduced the possibility of error and simplified the presentation to the end user by adding 3D visualisation. This approach to the preparation phase of the production process decreases the possibility of misunderstandings or the dissatisfaction of the investors with the end product, while also allowing possible issues with installation to be detected in advance. Naturally, such drawings enable other parties involved in the construction and outfitting of your property to complete their works concurrently with the production of the elements, without having to wait for their installation.

We mainly engage in the drafting of conceptual designs related to metal works, 3D visualisation of end products and drafting of workshop drawings and bills of quantities.


We also provide this service to other business subjects, proprietors and private investors as the services is widely applicable: from measuring the façade surface and area of the rooms, to creating a precise foundation for the production of a built-in closet or tailor-made kitchen.