As it can equally enhance the aesthetic appeal of a terrace overlooking the sea on an island and an office building in the city centre owing to its incredibly broad range of applications, it is no wonder that the usage of glass in construction has been trending for quite some time. Glass is a material that is unsurpassed in its transparency, and it is used with equal success in indoor and outdoor applications.

It is mostly used in combination with various types of steel or aluminium.
Our offer includes products by reputable manufacturers that will help you achieve the quality of production and installation that you are looking for. All components in our offer comply with all necessary safety and quality requirements.

Stainless steel

Owing to its resistance to weather conditions, stainless steel is widely used along the coast, mostly for decorating modern-style facilities. Our stainless steel primarily comes in combination with glass. Check our gallery for several other visually appealing combinations with stainless steel cables and mesh.

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