In 2006, we became the authorised representatives for the sale and distribution of products produced by the ARCO company, with whom we have also collaborated in the development a range of products for wrought iron.

These quick-drying paints can be applied directly to hot-dip galvanized structures.

Paint catalogues

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Description of production process:

First phase

Cleaning of the hot-dip galvanized structure for the removal of irregularities and impurities that have remained after hot-dip galvanization process is carried out manually by using a shred or 80-100 grit sanding paper.  Skilled users will use electric angle grinder to which they will mount an 80-100 fan sanding disc. Due to the sensitivity of the process and in order to avoid the removal of the entire zinc layer, we recommend the use of used fan sanding discs.

Second phase

Degreasing removes fine surface impurities and possible grease which is the by-product of galvanization. It is best to use Nitro thinner, ivasol or some of the detergents available in retail such as Čarli, Deco etc. First apply water to the structure (Miniwash device is not needed; a hose or bucket will suffice).  If you use detergent, apply it with a sponge and wash it out with water after ten minutes. If you use thinner of ivasol, apply it to a cloth and wipe the structure. Repeated rinsing is not necessary.

Third phase

Drying and painting. Leave the structure to dry completely after washing. To be on the safe side, blow dry the parts which may contain water with an air compressor. Your structure is now ready for painting. Read the instructions on the paint bucket carefully. If you’re using a product from the Micaceo line, always mix the paint well to lift the quartz sand from the bottom of the bucket and achieve the desired effect.

The paints can be used at a temperature ranging from 5 °C to 25°C.
Check our colour samples in our showroom.

Currently our colour palette includes 36 distinct hues that come in buckets of 0.75 l, 2.5 l and 16 l.  As of recently, we also offer the entire RAL programme for metal of the same features. We also own a paint mixer, which means we can help  you quickly obtain any colour from the RAL chart that you like.

For especially demanding environments, we have prepared a special line of products called POLIVAL. Colour hues are also based on the RAL chart, and owing to its exceptional quality, POLIVAL products may be directly applied to plastic, glass, aluminium, stainless steel, stone and hot-dip galvanised steel.

Do not hesitate to request an expert presentation of our products. You can also visit our gallery for examples of some of the many projects that have been painted with ARCO products since 2006.